Tough Times for Pop Art

29 03 2012

Spotted in South Boston…
CASH for your Warhol!


Redundant User Experience Redundancy

25 03 2012

Each day, I live in a world of user documentation. I work hard — and am paid handsomely — to make life even a bit less painful for customers during their (hopefully) brief interactions with the documentation surrounding one of our highly-technical B2B software products. And so the following lazy foolishness is just inexcusable to me. Every time I buy gasoline.

Step 1: Pay Credit Here.


Step 2: Insert card. OK, done.

Step 3: DEBIT CARD? But— I’m fairly certain we already covered this in step 1. Pay CREDIT Here. Yes, we did, in fact. I can see it plainly in the picture above. Credit. Still my final answer.


Correction: WIN!

22 03 2012

It’s simply a question of perspective.


Field Green Tomatoes

19 03 2012

The following picture comes from a Newsweek article on migrant workers — a demographic without which Americans could not exist (or at least without which we could not pay so little for the food and products we consume; but that’s an argument for a different day). What’s striking about this picture is just how green those picked tomatoes are. They’ll be red (thanks, ethylene!) by the time they reach your grocery store’s produce aisle, but they won’t taste any more appetizing.

So — no matter what their color — I recommend either pickling or frying. Because a tomato craving is a terrible thing to waste.



16 03 2012

expletive \’ek-splə-tiv\ n (1612) 1 a : a syllable, word, or phrase inserted to fill a vacancy without adding to the sense

it is what it is

Cloud(y) Software

14 03 2012

What happens when cloud computing turns into free software license serving? We may soon find out.

cloud softwareDeep pocketed, pedigreed startup Numecent now offers something they’re calling “cloud paging,” which, essentially has the ability to virtualize software or even an OS itself.

Surely Numecent has learned from the trials of Napster, but surely they too will face copyright issues. So it will be fascinating to see how this game-changing (Will we ever need to own anything but a dumb terminal tablet or laptop again?) technology plays out in the software industry, and no doubt — like Napster 10+ years ago — in court.

Meet the Press

13 03 2012

True story: 20+ years ago, I ran out from my newspaper job one afternoon to pick up my brand new city-issued PRESS credentials. On the way back to the office, I passed by a building as several cop cars pulled up. I moved closer, as they formed a perimeter and put up yellow crime scene tape. The body was covered with a sheet and nearby was a completely trashed window-washing rig that had given way from two dozen stories up.

The PRESS pass burned a hole in my pocket.

I had stumbled onto a piece of news, and was even the first one there. A young writer’s dream. A story to work as a stringer on, get an all-city byline. And yet.

I turned and headed back to the office, back to my desk, and my work as the A & E writer/editor for a business/law monthly with a readership of 25,000.

Let the dead window washer stay dead. Let his family grieve. Let the cops do their grim job uninterrupted. There were things I was ready to do in my life, and things I was not. I knew that then, and — though those things have changed in the past 20 years — I know that now.

There are stories we want in our lives, stories we think we might tell forever, others we have only a passing interest in; stories we know but may never tell, and still others we don’t even want to know. The key is in understanding which is which.